Compounded Medications

Compounding basically means making medications “from scratch”. Medications in powdered form give us more flexibility in adjusting the route, the strength, and the flavor to meet our patient’s needs. We provide compounded medications to humans and other species as well. In our compounding lab we carefully create custom drugs to meet our patients’ needs, including bio-identical hormones, veterinary formulations, pain management, and many other unique situations. We also formulate cream-based natural skincare products which use traditional nutrients as well as newer agents such as peptides.

Compounding pharmacy is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. When all medical products are pre-made, options become limited and some patients’ needs may not be well met. Modern technology, innovative techniques, and research have allowed more pharmacists to create custom-tailored medications.

Some of the medication problems that compounding can help to solve include:

  • Allergies – More and more people are suffering from allergies to inactive ingredients used in commercially manufactured medications. We have many alternatives to fillers, flavors, and dyes to enable us to remove the problematic ingredient. Example: We can use clear capsules with only natural colorants to avoid potential allergies to food dyes.
  • Dosage – If the correct dose is not commercially available, we can formulate exactly what a patient requires. Example: A child may require a medication available only in strengths meant for adults – we can reformulate to decrease the strength.
  • Drugs No Longer Available – Unavailability of commercially made medications is becoming more and more of an issue. The raw materials in these are often still available, allowing us to compound the needed prescription product. Example: Most recently, Voltaren Gel, a topical anti-inflammatory, was not available but compounders were easily able to fill the need.
  • Flavoring – When taste is an issue, as with liquids, we can mask the often bitter flavor of medications. Example: We can put your pet’s medication into yummy liver, fish, beef, or chicken flavor your cat or dog will love!
  • Form – Sometimes a patient can’t take a medication the way it is available. We can put medications into a large variety of different forms: creams, sublingual tablets, suppositories, suspensions, and even lollipops! Example: An arthritis patient who also has stomach issues may not tolerate the anti-inflammatories they need – we can put them into a special cream base to penetrate into joint areas.
  • Unique Delivery Forms – Alternative absorption sites which may enhance medication actions often exist. Example:  Anti-nausea drugs can be formed into cream forms to avoid further upset to the stomach.

Areas of therapy we are currently helping patients:

  • Bio-Identical (or “Human-Identical) Hormone Replacement
  • Children’s Formulations
  • Dermatology / Natural Skincare
  • Pain Management
  • Travel Medication
  • Veterinary Medicines

Produced In House

Compounded Medications