Optimized Fat Metabolism


* Weight loss/increased lean body mass

* Optimized athletic performance/faster recovery/no bonking

* Enhanced mental focus and emotional stability

* Improved glucose/insulin profile

* Metabolic flexibility – get rid of “HANGRY”!

* Optimized athletic performance / faster recovery / no bonking /

diminished soreness (especially for Weekend Warriors!)

* Learning more about “keto”, “Low Carb” or “Fat-Adaptation” for  sport and/or long-term health

The OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) protocol may be the perfect solution! Alpine Apothecary is extremely pleased to welcome Peter Defty, founder of VESPA, and developer of the OFM program which has improved the performance and health of many athletes and others with similar health goals. Peter will be giving an outline of the program, but even more importantly will be available to answer questions about how a lifestyle adapted to fat burning can benefit anyone interested in long-term health. The product he developed, VESPA, is designed to enhance the effects of fat adaptation as well as make it easier to get your body to readily burn fat as fuel.



Peter Defty, nutrition expert and ultra athlete, began running in 2000 and went from carb burner with poor results to a successful fat burner. He’s competed in the Western States 100, among many other events, and coaches ultra athletes on using fat as fuel. He works with researchers such as Drs. Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek on refining this approach for success in life and racing.


Simplifying Detoxifying!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Henry Malus, NMD, who will be offering a comprehensive yet concise overview of detoxification:

Do you need to detox?

Self assessment tools will be sent upon registration

In this class you will learn about potential sources of environmental toxins, how to prevent exposure, how to evaluate your toxic burden, and the safest methods for removing accumulated burden.

Lab testing options will be available at completion of class.

Dr. Henry Malus is a naturopathic doctor in Midway and SLC. He has worked with a variety of environmental medicine organizations and has completed advanced clinical courses in Environmental Medicine. He is passionate about raising awareness of the environmental impacts of health and the genomic and epigenetic factors that increase risk for individuals.

When: Wednesday, January 18th @ 6 pm

Class size will be limited, cost is $25 ($25 coupon given at end of lecture for products/services)