Wellness Evaluations

Update March, 2018

With a goal of making our consultations even more effective, we are currently making adjustments to the program and will not be available for a short time this spring.  Plans include integrating more follow-up and additional metabolic testing to provide greater guidance in helping you to achieve your health goals.

If you would like us contact you when we are doing consultations again, please leave us your name and email address or phone number HERE, however you wish to be contacted.

We appreciate your interest and wish you satisfaction, joy, and success in your wellness pursuits!


Adopting the right dietary and lifestyle habits to fully meet your individual needs can be confusing. Our pharmacist can help you learn more about making selections which will optimize your health and wellbeing. We all have unique nutritional needs, and tailoring our diet and supplements to meet them can make a big difference in how we feel. Our wellness evaluations assess medications, adrenal/stress response, and lifestyle factors affecting your wellbeing.

Stress is a common factor in health issues, and the wellbeing of our adrenal glands is imperative to overall wellness. Fortunately, this can be comprehensively assessed through salivary testing, so that lifestyle strategies and any supplement regimens can be developed to specifically target needs and help people to feel great again.


Come see us today!  Our friendly staff is always happy to help find solutions to healthcare needs!