Our goal is to be a valuable resource for practitioners seeking to optimize medication treatment for their patients. We are a PCCA-affiliated, compounding-only pharmacy and are dedicated to producing quality compounded formulations. Beyond using quality ingredients from trusted names in the compounding industry, we have opted to keep artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners and, whenever possible, chemical preservatives from our medications.

Pharmacy traditionally IS compounding, and was not taken over by pharmaceutical manufacturers by any great extent until the late 1900’s. Manufacturing helped to increase availability of medications by reducing costs, but by narrowing products down to the most commonly used, it also has shrunk the size of the practitioner’s toolbox in addressing patient issues. We can help to remedy that situation by giving you tools in the form of complete flexibility in putting together an appropriate medication for your patient. Additionally, we have more and more unique formulation bases and mediums to create prescriptions that are highly effective but can’t be mass-produced.

  •  Alternative delivery routes from what is commercially available to reduce side effects (e.g. ketoprofen or other NSAIDS in gel form), or improve tolerability (e.g. promethazine in gel)
  • Continued availability of medications which may be unavailable from commercial manufacturers (e.g. tetracycline capsules)
  • Individualized dosage
  • Unique combinations not commercially available (e.g. clotrimazole with ibuprofen in DMSO as a topical anti-fungal)
  • Hypoallergenic formulations for patients with special needs to avoid various excipients such as lactose, gluten, dyes, or corn-based ingredients

We have been happy to be of help to a wide variety of practitioners here in Utah. Please select your practice setting for examples of formulations we can make to meet your needs. They represent only sampling of compounds, please call to speak with our pharmacist for many more ideas!